9 Techniques to promote Fiverr GIGs In 2016

promote fiverr gig

Fiver is a marketplace that gets close buyers and sellers over the world. A Gig is a task, service or product that seller offers to buyers. If you have not check out it then go right now! fiverr
There are hundreds of ways to make money on fiverr from which people make hundreds or thousands of dollars in a month. So, How they do that??? Check out some really helpful techniques to promote your fiverr gigs.

Here are TOP 9 techniques to promote your fiverr GIGs:

1. First Make perfect fiverr Gigs:

promote fiverr gig

First start from your own gig which can appeal people. Your gig title should brief and state forward.
For example:
“I will Create a Professional Whiteboard Animation Video In 24hours for $5.”
You first have clear and to the point statement without errors about your gig description. Your gig image should be inspired and innovative. Your gig description is very important and try something that stand very impressive for the buyers.

2. Take advantage of tags in gig:

Tags are very important part of a gig. Fiverr is a large platform and have less chance that people will go across your gig through browsing unless you feature and optimize your tags. If don’t know which tags to use then look at popular gigs or use Google’s Keyword Tool. It is important for ranking in Fiverr search result and a great technique to make money on fiverr.

3. Offer plenty of relevant Gigs that grabs people’s attention:

Substantially same gigs are not allowed in fiverr but you can make gig that are relevant in different ways. If they have different text and images then it is allowed. For example, you can offer a gig of header illustration and another gig of web graphics illustration.
Don’t copy other gigs, try your own innovative ideas.
promote fiverr gig

4. Get Social traffic:

You can make fan page where you can promote your fiverr gigs or tweet to your followers. If don’t tell anyone they will not get that. Traffic has always good impression. Use local media resources because many people still don’t know what is Fiverr. So promote your profile and gigs in your social circles on Facebook, twitter, and others can make more clients for you.

5. Add a video in your gig:

Adding a video in your gig that is relevant and reveals your efforts and impresses your clients is very effective way. You can more describe your gig in a different way and client will click and interact with your service and there will be more chances that they will hire for a job.
This is a good technique to promote fiverr gig.

6. Create a free blog at blogger:

When you make new gig, you can promote this gig on your personal blog as your sample work and you can also share views about your other gigs. In this user of your blog will also know about your related skills.

7. Comment on blogs:

In fiverr forums, you can comment of high quality and more chances that people would like to see what you offer and what are your services and may your client increase.

8. Request For Referrals to promote Fiverr gigs:

After creating a Fiverr gig, now ask your followers to refer their friends and family to your gig. There is nothing illegal in this way of promotion.

9.Press Release to promote Fiverr Gig:

The URL of profile of Fiverr can be listed in search engines by adding keywords related to your gigs and it is effective. Write short Press Release to announce and submit to some free press release sites when you get some winning gig.
As bloggers are searching for fresh content and so as the media does. Things that did right viral really work for promotion of your gig.

Final thoughts:

Try some creative, get inspired with popular services but follow innovative ideas but don’t waste a lot of your time on a single gig when little is going to return.
Best of luck and follow these techniques, I hope they will give you a long-run benefit.

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