10 Methods You Can Adopt To Promote Your Fiverr Gig

Are you looking for various ways to promote your Fiverr gig? If you are, you are at the right place. In this article, we are going to look at 10 most effective and practical ways to promote your Fiverr gig. These ways are;

#1 Making Good Use Of Your Tags
If you do not have a working strategy, your dream of been ranked on top of other gigs will just be a dream that will never come to pass. As we know, there are a lot of Fiverr gigs out there fighting for the chance to lead in this network. Unless you are featured, it is unlikely that people will see you when going through their passive browsing activities. What do I mean? In simple, if you want more clicks, you must undertake a strategy that will take you on top of the Fiverr lists. One of the best ways to do this is by optimizing your tags. Optimization of your tags ensures that more people come across your gig account while they are browsing. If you want to know what keywords to use, you can search the Google keyword tools or look at other gigs that are more specialized than you are.

#2 Posting Videos
Unlike all other gigs that pass their information via plain text, you can try to be more unique by posting few videos to your gig. This strategy guarantees you more clicks and likes. Videos make you stand out from the other gigs since most of them, if not all, do not post videos. In addition, videos also allow you to pass more detailed information about events and products that cannot be explained properly by mere texts. Try out this winning strategy.

#3 Creating A Personal YouTube Channel
To promote your Fiverr gigs, you should be ready to get into the limelight. Do not hesitate to get in front of the camera and show your viewers what you really do. Publicize yourself and let people know who they are working with.

#4 Posting Of Relevant Forums
Even though it’s a prerequisites to post a certain number of forums in order to put a link in your signature, this does not encourage you to post on spammy forums. You should ensure that you post high quality forums that will allow you to build a good reputation. Having a good reputation plays an important role in increasing the number of viewers visiting your site since the word goes viral and attracts a lot of new visitors.

#5 Creating A Blog
When you create a Fiverr, you have the ability to link it to your personal blog. You can pack it with samples of your work and talk about other gigs in your blog. Use your blog to pass relevant information and not necessarily to market yourself. If you can no longer link your gig to your blog, try linking it to your YouTube channel and post videos about your work.

#6 Utilizing Your Friends In The Social Network
Create a fan page on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networking sites. This increases the chances to get more people to your gig. As we know, the social media network is one of the best places to market you. Ask your friend in the social networks to follow you on your gig.

#7 Commenting On Other Blogs
Be interactive with other bloggers by commenting on their blogs. This is a way of getting more exposure and marketing yourself. Just like with the forums, ensure that you post quality comments. This is likely to attract more visitors to your gig.

#8 Requesting For Referrals
If you have an established Fiverr gig, you can ask your follower to refer some of their friends to your gig. There is no harm in doing that.

#9 Utilizing Guest Posts
Take advantage of the lazy bloggers who have nothing to post but have a lot of visitors visiting their blogs. Trade guest posts with a link to your gig. Followers of the blog are more likely to follow you in your gig account.

#10 Purchasing Traffic From Fiverr
There are many gigs that are willing to offer traffic to your website for only a few bucks. It’s not a bad idea to try getting traffic from them as in the long run, the benefits you reap are more numerous than the money you spend. It’s a sort of investment to you.

To promote you Fiverr gig, always remember to be persistent and to try new techniques, methods and ideas to attract more followers. Never give up; you can go far with your online career.

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