How do I promote Fiverr Gigs and how to make my gig visible in Fiverr search ?

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The best way to rank a fiverr gig and make it visible in Fiverr searches is to optimize your gig for Fiverr's searches. How would you do it? keep your eye on this piece of content.
Most of people would tell you to blog about your services and so on. But let me tell you that Fiverr is not a search engine. It doesn't require SEO that we usually relate with blogging.
I have put a link to an article in the 1st line that will give in depth detail of ranking your fiverr gig for more sales.
However, Fiverr gig SEO involves the following:
  • Title Optimization to the buyer's perceptions
  • Optimization of image or making a video client pitch
  • Description relevancy to the Title
  • Category tagging
  • Algorithm signs to rise up the gig in searches (Important)
The algorithm signs are very much important these days. However, earning excellent rating is an advanced way to giving signal to the Fiverr's algorithm, but here the say is about driving real hits that can give the signal to fiverr that the people are interested in your gig and viewing it. Have a look on it. Remember these stats are only showing the activity of last 30 days. I think 60 orders in 30 days are well enough.
fiverr gig

So the question might get your mind that how could you increase the views of your gig?
As discussed earlier the link to the article  in the first line has more in-depth information of promoting Fiverr Gigs and how to make your gig visible in Fiverr search.
But here is a snapshot i want to give to all here.
Promoting your gig over different social media platform is very much effective. But nothing can beat the LinkedIn and Twitter. These 2 platforms will not only promote your gig but they will also promote your business and will find you clients outside the Fiverr.

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