Use to shorten that long Fiverr gig URL

Most of us know how it feels to hit the submit button on that shiny new gig that you just spent 2 hours typing up, just to be denied because your description is too long. With 1200 characters enough can be said, and I understand Fiverr’s objective to keep it simple and smooth, but sometimes simple isn’t what’s making money on our specific gig. Sometimes a few extra characters in the description can save you a message or two, or maybe even push a sale.

If you are like me and have gigs that directly relate to other gigs, and you want to leave a link in the description, you end up with something like this: Just one link takes up around 80-90 characters. I sometimes need to leave 2 or 3 links. This is over 20%
of my allotted description space! This is just one reason why I am excited to introduce to the fiverr community a new tool at the fingertips of sellers.


Unlike most URL shortening services, at you can customize your URL, ex. Therefor not only shortening your gig URL but making it a memorable one. You can also use it to point to your profile: ex., yet again saving you a few precious characters on your printed media such as business cards (imagine writing the long URL of your gig down on a napkin at the bar).

Wouldn’t it be nice if we knew for sure where exactly we were going before we click that ominous ‘’ link on Twitter, just hoping that it doesn’t have malware or something worse on the other side. This is a major reason why advertising your gigs on Twitter can be difficult (even if you have got conversions from or links, there was most likely a few leads you missed out on). The team at insures us all that links that are not relevant to fiverr will be blacklisted, so URL’s will forever be associated with gigs and related material.

Can you think of any other great reasons to use to shorten your gig URL’s? Let’s hear it in the comments!

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