Fiverr - The X-Factor Of Skill

Fiverr is a great concept that really works. It is perhaps easier to think of it as the X-Factor for skills. However, unlike the real X-Factor, with Fiverr you have ample opportunity to come back and perform once again if you failed the first time. As the end user, the Fiverr concept will ensure you save serious amount of money compared to getting an equivalent service from the 'high street'. Equally, for the seller, the system will ensure great income if you are good at what you do and have fantastic customer care skills. Fiverr is great for both the seller and the consumer.

On the Fiverr website, you can post your skills description for absolutely free. When you come to perform your skill for someone, it is known as the 'gig'. The word Fiverr is a play on fiver since most gigs cost a mere 5 USD. However, this price may just be a start point, a basic service with options to purchase extras if you need.

The X-Factor analogy comes into its own when discussing judging and grading the gigs. In the real show the judges and the public rate the skills of the people in front of them. On the Fiverr website, the judges are the consumers of the gigs and they are encouraged to rate the performance of the service received. The service here means the quality of the product and the accompanying customer service. So it naturally follows that if you were the seller, the better your service, the higher rating you will obtain which in turn will attract you more customers. On Fiverr, since each seller is selling the gig for very similar price, the rating attributed to them is what will make or break a deal.

If your rating is bad because you did not provide a great product and/or customer service and you do not do anything to improve on it in future gigs, then you are in danger of falling in to a vicious circle downwards from which you may not recover. Because, once your reputation is crushed it may be really difficult to resurrect it again. However, if after your first bad gig you took action to improve on your weakness, then not only will you survive but you could go onto thrive on Fiverr.

So what type of services would you expect to receive on Fiverr? Gifts, graphics, videos, social marketing, travel, writing, advertising, music and audio, fun and bizarre, tips and advice, business, technology, programming and more are amongst the services on offer on Fiverr.

The process of obtaining a gig is very simple. Just get to the Fiverr site, search for the gig you require and if you like what you see, just place the order. It's as simple as that! The services offered on Fiverr would benefit many new internet marketers who are on a really tight budget as well as those who just don't have the time or resources to get important tasks done themselves.

For instance the making of a video is one area where Fiverr is aptly suited to assist. Videos as mediums of information are ever pervasive these days. Visitors using the internet expect to see a video on a task they wish to perform. Videos are able to convey complex information in a short time and usually in a fun way. However, making a good video requires skill and experience which is what new marketers don't have. On top of that the software and hardware required to shoot a quality video can be pricey. For a new marketer, the cost alone can make do-it-yourself video out of reach.

Then, there is the question of camera shyness. If you are of a gregarious nature then go ahead and make that video. Just ensure you have a good script and you do not veer off it. But for many, appearing in front of their own camera is just not an option especially at the beginning of their internet marketing career. In that case, the solution is clearly Fiverr.

In fact, some of the sellers of video products on Fiverr are professional actors, so camera shyness is absolutely not an issue with them. Furthermore, because they produce videos day in, day out they have most likely invested in professional camera equipment and software. So you can be assured of a professional quality video. You may just have to provide a script and some direction on what you would want to see in the video.

Every Fiverr gig provider is vetted by moderators and given a grading according to what they have achieved. For instance, 1st level sellers are those who have created 10 orders. The next up, 2nd level sellers are those who have delivered 50 orders with impeccable customer service. The highest level sellers are referred to as Fiverr Rockstarr and are handpicked by Fiverr moderators. You really have to be exceptional to achieve this status. The quality is therefore maintained and conveyed through the grading system.

The Fiverr platform is successful in bringing together two communities which are in great need of each other. Those individuals who really want to monetise their skills and those who want product or service at a price that is anything but reasonable.

Whether you are a seller or a buyer, the Fiverr platform has the potential to provide you with a great online income wherever you happen to be.

To your internet business success!

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