5 Unconventional Tips to Boost Your SEO with Fiverr Gigs

WARNING: You won’t find recommendations for link wheels or tiered links over here (it’s 2014 – please don’t tell me that’s what you were looking for?). As a matter of fact you won’t find any “black hat” recommendations at all. How’s that possible if paid links aren’t allowed under Google’s Webmaster Guidelines? Keep reading…

With Fiverr’s exponential growth and the ability for sellers to remain anonymous, the black hat SEO’s have found the perfect venue to earn extra income.

We talked last month on why startups shouldn’t outsource SEO, and I’d like to add a point that I didn’t mention in that post – it’s really difficult to outsource something you’re not familiar with. I’ve seen businesses time and time again make this mistake, not just through Fiverr but to anyone who’s approached them and said, “We can rank you for this, this and this.” Which leads us to our first unconventional tip you can use to boost your SEO with Fiverr:

1. Reverse Engineer –  The point of SEO is to generate organic traffic… Well, who’s actually ranking on Fiverr? Who’s using their own tactics to drive traffic to their gigs? This is easy to find out with SEO tool SEMRush ($70/mo):

Fiverr SEO: Reverse Engineer with SEMRush

Lightly highlighted in yellow we find a seller than ranks #1 for “buy backlinks.” Running an additional report on that URL reveals that he also ranks for:

“So this Fiverr SEO seller is doing well, I should buy his social bookmarking package now right?”

Not so fast, consider this:

The point of this first tip is to find out what sellers are doing, and perhaps locate any white hat links that could arise out of the reports. With that being said, if you do utilize this tip, don’t point the links to your main website. Utilize a domain that you don’t mind getting penalized, even if that means forking over a whopping 99 cents to buy a new one at GoDaddy.
Utilize this tip on Fiverr SEO gigs where you could actually find white hat links that you could acquire – so link networks, guest blogs, etc. are out of the question. If you want to find out where people are submitting infographics, pdf’s, video’s, etc., this is the perfect avenue to do it. Make sure they provide reports.
Spend $20 and find a few high rated sellers and find out what they’re doing.

What I found actually surprised me, we’re talking followed links from Apple, Amazon, HP, Microsoft, etc. Granted, they’re profile links – but they’re coming from authority domains, they’re easily attainable, and could give your new website a quick hit.

2. Steal your competitors links – If you’re looking for the quick hits, skip the link wheels and instead steal your competitors links. I mean, they’ve already laid out an outline of how they’re ranking for your keywords! Chances are, they have a lot of good links that you could acquire as well – you just have to find them. You don’t need to drop a few hundred a month on link explorers like Majestic, Ahrefs, and Open Site Explorer. Other people have already paid for that and are willing to run the reports for you for $5.

My favorite here is this seller, who not only provides an Open Site Explorer report, but an SEMRush report as well. SEMRush is by far my favorite tool as it shows exactly what your competitors are ranking for. This is perfect for finding keywords you might not have originally planned for, as well find long-tail opportunities for your content.

3. Hire a Writer – SEO is evolving into content marketing. Buying links is against Google’s Guidelines, but hiring writers to create content which can generate traffic and links is another story. But finding good writers on Fiverr can be like finding a needle in a haystack. Watch out for the content farms sending slightly spun articles that pass Plagium (or various other plagiarism checkers), believe it or not a lot of the highest rated writers on Fiverr do that. SEO’s can find use with it for Web 2.0’s, or affiliate sites.. but there’s a much greater ROI for creating super targeted long-tail articles than can generate high converting traffic. My recommendation for finding inexpensive writers on Fiverr is to:

a. Domain Expertise – If you’re starting a dog website, there are a few people who write specifically on the subject – that’s the person I’d want. Fashion? Food? Their are writers for that. Remember, Google returns answers, and people want their queries answered with useful content from people with domain expertise.

b. Avoid the top sellers – Just my two cents from testing out a dozen or so writers – people with less than 100 feedback tend to write better than people with over 1000. Why? Burnout. Top sellers on Fiverr are always busy because of their tremendous feedback which leads to burnout, rushing to meet deadlines, etc.

c. Common Sense – It boggles my mind how many “top rated writers” have grammatical errors in their gig listings.

4. Buy a Video – Whether’s it’s the always funny Professor Hans Von Puppet, or a promotional video for your business. Videos are something that can get your business talked about – and perhaps land a few links in the process. Oh, and you could always build a few follow links from video websites like Screenr.com (PR7) and myVidster.com (PR3).

5. SEO Report – This one is geared towards the non-technical business owner. Fiverr has plenty of sellers that offer a SEO report or audit, even a single tip could boost your SEO exponentially (I’m still shocked on how many small businesses don’t even set their homepage title tag).

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